The Ugly Truth about Vampires

Seems like lately the world has been overrun with the pretty vampires, certain spakle-pires I won't mention here. But even here at Midnight Madness we had an Ethan Hawke vampire in Daybreakers last year. It's enough to make that chewy-faced guy from Stake Land insecure. Sure Bela had it going on but there's a long history of plain, ugly, plain ugly and even fugly vampires dating way back to Dr. Polidori's The Vampyre and the later Victorian Varney the Vampire.

Whatever else Christopher Lee's Dracula had going on, it wasn't prettiness. (He was kinda the Iggy Pop or Lance Henriksen of vampires).

Oh wait, Lance Henriksen was a vampire.

Really, Iggy Pop would make a fantastic vampire. I mean, look at him.

He needs a blood transfusion, stat!

But the point here is that for most of vampire history, beauty has been in the eye of the beholder--usually a woman in hypnotic thrall.

Sure, Graf Orlac isn't pretty, but if you look at him right he is adorable in a lost kind of way.

He's got a lot to give, ladies (and Renfields).

Stake Land screening times:
Friday, Sept. 17. 11:59pm Ryerson
Saturday, Sept 18. 12:15pm Scotiabank Theatre 4
Sunday, Sept. 19. 9:00pm AMC 2

Tickets can be purchased at the official TIFF site.

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