SUPER: Real Life Superheroes

I'm not talking about EMT's, firefighters, police officers or cats who wake their owners in an emergency, though they are heroes all. I'm talking heroes with flashy names making a difference in flashy suits. Yes, they are there--protecting your community, patrolling your streets. "This American Life" had a whole story about real life heroes and the website Real Life Superheroes has a registry as well as information and articles of interest to citizens and the superhero community alike.

And if Unbreakable, Kick-Ass and just about every Batman movie is anything to go by, as soon as there are heroes, there are villains. (And concerned newspaper editors writing columns). Almost as if heroes generate them as much as their nefarious activities demand a heroic response. It is a law of nature that haters gotta hate. So behold, the inevitable response:

Super screening times:
Friday, Sept. 10. 11:59pm Ryerson
Monday, Sept. 13. 9:30am Varsity 8
Saturday, Sept. 18. Scotiabank Theatre 4

Tickets can be purchased at the official TIFF site.

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