Twitter Madness

With over 145 million users, it's safe to say that Twitter's a pretty big deal. So it makes sense that filmmakers are using it to their advantage in promoting their films, and interacting with their fans. Some of the films playing Midnight Madness this year use Twitter A LOT, so here's some people you should be following if you want to stay as up to date on Midnight Madness as possible. Who did I miss? A lot, I know. Add to the list by posting a comment.

Fubar II
Dean Murdoch - Character

The number of people involved with Super that are on Twitter is a little overwhelming. Here's just a sampling...
James Gunn
- Writer/Director
Rainn Wilson - Actor
Michael Rooker - Actor/Serial Killer
Nathan Fillion - Actor
Ted Hope - Producer
Tyler Bates - Composer
Sheri Davani - First Assistant Director

Ted Hope has compiled a Super Twitter List which follows the tweets of 46 (!!!) members from the cast and crew.

Woody Harrelson - Actor
Demi Moore - Actress
Emily Kaiho - Actress
Josh Hartnett - Actor (He hasn't tweeted a single tweet though.)
Keith Calder - Producer

Vanishing on 7th Street
Hayden Christensen - Actor (There are a zillion accounts claiming to be Hayden. Take your pick!)
John Leguizamo - Actor

Also, if of interest, here's a Twitter list of all the Midnight Madness bloggers, made by Carol.

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