On the Red Carpet for THE VANISHING ON 7TH STREET!

Our master of all things photographic, Ian Goring, did not randomly disappear on Sunday night for the premiere of Brad Anderson's Vanishing on 7th Street and that means he's got photos from the red carpet for you to check out. They exist....They exist...

Hayden Christiansen ("Luke") gets the tough questions from intrepid videographer Robert Mitchell (of Robert Mitchell fame).

Director Brad Anderson is a pretty happy dude.

Newcomer Jacob Latimore ("James") at his first premiere!

Jacob Latimore greets his fans!

Hayden Christiansen on the informal, horror movie equivalent of Meet The Press

Brad Anderson, Hayden Christiansen, Jacob Latimore, and Thandie Newton
Hayden Christiansen and his hair mug for the camera.

Thandie Newton ("Rosemary") turns the heat up on the red carpet by approximately a bajillion degrees.

You're sadly out of luck for seeing Vanishing on 7th Street at TIFF. Watch for it later this year!

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  1. Thandie Newton is so gorgeous..I love that outfit.. I wish I would have been able to see her while I was there..but I only had a short visit