Midnight Madness Movies Coming To A Theater Near You!

So the Festival is over, and that means so is Midnight Madness... at least for another year. But many of the films were picked up for distribution, which means you'll still get the chance to see them. Here's a list.

If you want to see Samuel L. Jackson as an ass-kicking US President, you're in luck! Big Game was picked up by Elevation Pictures, a Canadian distribution company, and will be released in the US by RED/Relativity.

The whole world is going full walrus. A24 films picked up Tusk and will release it in the US this fall, while Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions will be handling distribution for the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Italy, Benelux, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

It Follows was picked up by Icon Film Distribution for the UK and Radius Films for the US. P.S. Make sure no ghosts are lurking in the cinema when you attend a screening.

Screen Gems holds the rights for US distribution of the latest and last installment in Jaume Balaguero's zombie found footage franchise, [REC]4, but no firm release dates have been set. It opens in Spain on October 31.

If you want to enjoy a nice room temperature plate of busghetti worms bushgetti, you'll be able to when What We Do In The Shadows hits US and Canadian theaters and home video, thanks Unison Films, The Orchard, and Video Services Corp.

The Guest opened in US theaters on September 17 through Picturehouse and D Films will release it in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal on September 26, with nationwide expansion the next week. UPDATE: The Guest will be opening in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal on October 10, with further Canadian dates following after.


Midnight Madness 2014 Playlist!

MM Interviewer Rob Mitchell has put together a playlist of all his interviews, the introductions and post-screening question and answer business for all the films that played Midnight Madness this year. Twenty-two videos and just under five hours of content!

Video: THE GUEST Complete Midnight Madness Premiere Intro/Q&A With Adam Wingard Simon Barrett Dan Stevens Maika Monroe

The Guest the new film from the directing, writing team Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett You're Next was the 2014 closing night film of the midnight madness programme of the Toronto International Film Festival. Actor Dan Steven and actress Maika Monroe -- who was also in the David Robert Mitchell film It Follows which premiered at this year's midnight madness -- joined Mr. Wingard & Mr. Barrett on stage. Here is the complete introduction and post-screening Q&A moderated by programmer Colin Geddes.

Social Media Buzz for THE GUEST!

When you're like Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett and you throw a bloody, gun-crazy, astounding action film up at Midnight Madness like THE GUEST, people are gonna talk.  And talk they did, on Twitter and Instagram after the Midnight Madness closer sent the Ryerson audience home happy.  Check out what folks were saying about the Dan Stevens thriller!

Sadly THE GUEST has finally packed his bags and left TIFF, but you'll be able to see Dan Stevens in all his cold-blooded glory starting September 17th in a theatre near you!


Video: THE GUEST Interviews With Adam Wingard Maika Monroe Simon Barrett Midnight Madness Canadian Premiere

The Guest was the 2014 closing night film at midnight madness. Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett returned to the Ryerson stage (You're Next). Here is Robert A. Mitchell's red carpet interviews with Mr. Wingard, Mr. Barrett and actress Maika Monroe who was also on the red carpet earlier in the week for her film It Follows which was the first time Robert had talked to the same actress twice for different films playing at Midnight Madness in the same year.



WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS: Interview at Digital Journal!

Aside from the excellent interviews by Midnighteer Robert Mitchell, which you can watch here, we've found an interesting interview with What We Do In The Shadows' Jemaine Clement (and Stu!) by Cate Kustanczy at Digital Journal. Kustanczy provides a nice in-depth look at the film.

Owing to the improvised nature of the shoot, it took close to a year to whittle Shadows’ 125 hours of footage down to a 90-minute running time. Stu Rutherford, who plays a human friend in the movie (echoing his real-life, long-term relationship with the filmmakers), recalls doing 14 takes for a scene in which the vampires meet their nemeses, a local werewolf gang, the head of which is played by noted Kiwi actor/comedian Rhys Darby. “I was only there on the edge (of the scene), but thought, this is going to be a problem with the edit,” Rutherford recalls. “Every take had weird tangents and people standing in different places. It was like, wow [...] I know their editor, and thought, ‘This might be quite a nightmare...’”

Pics From the Premiere of THE GUEST!

It's never been Midnight Madness' style to go out, Jason style, without one more kill and last night's screening of THE GUEST joins Festival closers like L'INTERIEUR, KILL LIST, and the original HOSTEL as the latest to end Midnight Madness with a bang (and several knife wounds). Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard's latest sent cheers through the Ryerson audience and it was pretty clear that a couple of people were excited to see THE GUEST himself, Dan Stevens, as well.  Ian Goring was, as always, there to capture the mayhem!

The most dedicated audience at TIFF lines up one last time for 2014!

The lovely Maika Monroe braves the cold for THE GUEST!

THE GUEST himself, Dan Stevens!


Representing Canada in the cast, Brendan Meyer!

What what, director Adam Wingard throws it up!

Never let it be said that ten days of TIFF doesn't bring out the wacky in directors and stars alike.

I don't know what Adam Wingard is doing here other than 'beer'.  Simon Barrett seems equally perplexed.

What a charming pair - Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe.

The whole crew from THE GUEST!

Adam Wingard jumpkicks the invisible spooky mango tree that grows outside the Ryerson.

That did not end well.

Simon Barrett, Colin Geddes, and Adam Wingard in a rare moment of calm.

...which didn't last long.

I don't know why Adam Wingard was intent on killing his cast with jumpkicks.

Dan Stevens displays his superhuman genetically-superior strength in restraining Adam onstage.

The charming Dan Stevens takes questions from the audience.

And that's all folks!
TIFF is over, so you'll have to wait until THE GUEST drops in theatres to see it! Thankfully, that's two days from now if you're lucky enough to live in the US!


THE GUEST Final Screening!

Yes, Anna. Yes, we would.

The last Midnight Madness screening of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's The Guest is tonight. Still not sure if you want to see it? Maybe we should just let the poster art do the talking.


THE GUEST's Big, Bold Badass and All Kinds of Awesome Final Screening:
Sun. Sept. 14th 6:45 PM, SCOTIABANK 3

TOKYO TRIBE: Getting Down with some J Hip-Hop

Get in the mood for the final screening of Sion Sono's Tokyo Tribe with some J Hip-Hop, including some from Tokyo Tribe star Young Dias.

From the Tokyo Tribe original sound track, Young Dias, Simon, Y's and Ai, "Hope--Tokyo Tribe Anthem."  (Some potential spoilers 'cause some bits from the film).

 DJ Muro's "J.P.N." from the Tokyo Tribe 2 soundtrack. (Spoiler free)

Illmatic Buddha MC's "Top of Tokyo" from the Tokyo Tribe series soundtrack.

Catch the final screening of TOKYO TRIBE today:
Sun., Sept. 14th, 3:30 PM, LIGHTBOX 3

Midnight Madness Grolsch People's Choice Award Winner!

What We Do In The Shadows is the winner of this year's Midnight Madness Grolsch People's Choice Award!

Congratulations to writers/directors Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement and the cast and crew from all of us at Midnight Madness! (Stu! Stu! Stu!)

Congratulations as well to the directors, producers, writers, cast and crews of first runner-up Tusk and second runner up, Big Game!

Jemaine Clement accepts the award and denounces vampire hunters from the podium.
(Of course, it should've won the Grolsch People's Choice Documentary Award, too. A travesty! Totally robbed).  If you missed the film you have one more chance to see it at TIFF!

Sun., Sept. 14th, 3:45 PM, SCOTIABANK 3

Social Media Buzz for WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS!

Like all Midnight Madness screenings, Friday's screening of Jermaine Clement's WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS inspired some wild posts on Twitter and Instagram.  Jonny Bunning kept a vigilant eye on social media to see what people thought of New Zealand's greatest vampire mockmentary of the year!

You still have a chance at checking out a screening of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS at TIFF! Check out the details below.

Sun., Sept. 14th, 3:45 PM, SCOTIABANK 3

Pics from the Premiere of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS!

Jermaine Clement brought his signature dry wit and wacky humour to the Ryerson last night for the premiere of his vampire mockumentary WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, and a packed house of Midnighters was in stitches! Ian Goring was there to capture all the spooky action!

Producer Emanuel Michael, Writer/Director/Star Jermaine Clement, and Stuart Rutherford

What a charming bunch!

Producer Emanuel Michael

Stuart 'Stu' Rutherford

Jermaine Clement hams it up on the red carpet!

Jermaine Clement and Colin Geddes looking sharp on the red carpet.


The Ryerson was packed for WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS!

Colin Geddes hypes the crowd for the penultimate screening of Midnight Madness 2014!

Jermaine Clement reads a very official statement from the New Zealand Documentary Board.

Jermaine Clement and Stuart Rutherford chat with the audience after the screening.

You can still catch a screening of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS here at TIFF!

Sun., Sept. 14th, 3:45 PM, SCOTIABANK 3