Pics From the Premiere of BIG GAME!

Anyone that loved the old Amblin action/adventure films from the 80's had their appetites more than satiated by Jalmari Helander's Big Game, featuring Samuel L. Jackson (whose plane crash in this film, for once, didn't have anything to do with snakes) and Rare Exports alum Onni Tommila. Ian Goring was at the rain-soaked premiere to bring you photos from the screening!

Ryerson attendees were treated to a free shower prior to entering the theatre. How thoughtful.

Jalmari Helander and Onni Tommila display that famous Finnish enthusiasm for the premiere of BIG GAME!

Helander and Tommila yuk it up with fellow MM blogger Robert Mitchell. 

Onni Tommila was told not to talk about Finnish Fight Club, but he couldn't help it.

Little-known fact: Samuel L. Jackson actually turned down the role of President Bill in BIG GAME, so Samuel L. Trapezoid was cast in his place.
The quick-witted and charming Tommila teaches the Ryerson audience a few choice swears in the Q&A after the film as Colin Geddes and Jalmari Helander look on. Midnight Madness: Corrupting Youth for 26 Years and Counting.
If you missed Big Game on Friday, check out one of the alternate screenings to experience this wild hunt on the big screen! COCK IT, MOTHERFUCKER!

BIG GAME screening times:
Sat., Sept. 13th, 2:30 PM, SCOTIABANK 12

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