Pics From the Premiere of THE GUEST!

It's never been Midnight Madness' style to go out, Jason style, without one more kill and last night's screening of THE GUEST joins Festival closers like L'INTERIEUR, KILL LIST, and the original HOSTEL as the latest to end Midnight Madness with a bang (and several knife wounds). Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard's latest sent cheers through the Ryerson audience and it was pretty clear that a couple of people were excited to see THE GUEST himself, Dan Stevens, as well.  Ian Goring was, as always, there to capture the mayhem!

The most dedicated audience at TIFF lines up one last time for 2014!

The lovely Maika Monroe braves the cold for THE GUEST!

THE GUEST himself, Dan Stevens!


Representing Canada in the cast, Brendan Meyer!

What what, director Adam Wingard throws it up!

Never let it be said that ten days of TIFF doesn't bring out the wacky in directors and stars alike.

I don't know what Adam Wingard is doing here other than 'beer'.  Simon Barrett seems equally perplexed.

What a charming pair - Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe.

The whole crew from THE GUEST!

Adam Wingard jumpkicks the invisible spooky mango tree that grows outside the Ryerson.

That did not end well.

Simon Barrett, Colin Geddes, and Adam Wingard in a rare moment of calm.

...which didn't last long.

I don't know why Adam Wingard was intent on killing his cast with jumpkicks.

Dan Stevens displays his superhuman genetically-superior strength in restraining Adam onstage.

The charming Dan Stevens takes questions from the audience.

And that's all folks!
TIFF is over, so you'll have to wait until THE GUEST drops in theatres to see it! Thankfully, that's two days from now if you're lucky enough to live in the US!

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