Your Favourite MIDNIGHT MADNESS Moments!

Maniacs gathering for the Madness!
The Line of Madness!

Can you believe that we're just slightly over a week after the whirlwind of the Toronto International Film Festival and, of course, Midnight Madness 2012.  If you're anything like me, you've been getting way too much sleep (over 3 hours? Whaaaaa?), catching up on Homeland, and not watching three or more movies a day, which has given me time to reflect back on those crazy ten days and my favourite moments from TIFF.

Our fantastic Midnight Madness audience has been doing the same thing on Twitter and Facebook, and we wanted to share some of those with you! (additional photos by Ian Goring)

Turns out that Godwin's Law applies at the Ryerson 

Who was that, I wonder?

Remember, if you've got any favourite moments and memories to add, tweet them to us using the #mmadnesstiff hashtag or post them up in the Midnight Madness Facebook group

By the way, if you want to keep the Midnight Madness party going for a little longer, don't forget to check out Programmer Colin Geddes' exhibit at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche this year! If this piece doesn't satisfy your cravings for zombie kills, nothing will!


Pics From The Premiere of THE ABC'S OF DEATH!

Friday night was the equivalent of a marathon as the Midnight Madness audience was subjected to an unprecedented 26 films about death in The ABC's Of Death!  Ian Goring captured all the mayhem at what had to have been one of the most fun experiences in the Midnight lineup this year!

Midnight Madness fans about to learn their ABC's all over again

An absolutely titanic line-up of directing talent!

"MAT" spells producers Marc Walkow, Ant Timpson,  Tim League with MM Programmer, Colin Geddes.

Kaare Andrews

The ABCs of Death co-producer Todd Brown interviewed by Robert Mitchell

'U' is for Unexplained Levitation

The dynamic duo, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett!

Marcel Sarmiento


Ahhhh! Yoshihiro Nishimura!

Well this can't possibly end well...

Sometimes it sucks to be right.

Colin Geddes or Jay-Z? It's almost impossible to tell!

Talk about an entrance!

CG Magazine's 'Geek Friendly TIFF Awards' Honours SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, DREDD 3D, LORDS OF SALEM, and ABC's OF DEATH!

Comics and Gaming Magazine has posted their favourite 'geeky' films from the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, with several Midnight Madness selections taking away some of their prizes.

Rob Zombies Lords of Salem picked up their 'Best Horror' honour, the star-studded Seven Psychopaths won for Future Cult Classic, The ABC's Of Death earned a 'Best Body Count' nod and, in another slap in the face of the Sly Stallone abomination of 1995, Alex Garland-penned Dredd 3D  snagged the 'Finally Got It Right' award.

Check out all the awards here, and congrats to all the winners!


Pictures from the JOHN DIES AT THE END Premiere!

This year's closing night film was John Dies At The End, an adaption of David Wong's novel, filled with the awesome of interdimensional critters, a drug called, "soy sauce,"  a character named after an author's pseudonym and a Meat Monster!  Here are pictures taken on the red carpet and the Ryerson stage by intrepid MM photographer, Ian Goring, a man who fears neither interdimensional critters nor isopods!

Actor Chase Williamson who plays, David Wong.

Rob Mays, who plays the titular John. (And, dude,
right now, he can see your soul).

MM blogger Rob Mitchell interviews Chase Williamson
with videographer Sarah Dillard rocking the pink and zebra-striped headset.

Director Don Coscarelli, a man who knows a good book when he reads one.

The dapper Tai Bennett, who plays, Jacob Marley.

Cesare Gagliardoni, who played the Meat Monster. Suit actors, represent!

MM Programmer Colin Geddes and Don Coscarelli are quite decorous 
as befits a premiere screening. 

Holy cats, they're outta control!

On state at the Ryerson. Probably trash talking isopods in comparison to
other-dimensional creatures made visible only by ingesting soy sauce.

Coscarelli and Gagliardoni discuss acting choices in playing, The Meat Monster.

Thanks, everybody!