ABCs of DEATH: Interview with Director Noburo Iguchi

Here's the second interview in our ABCs of Death: Sushi Typhoon director showcase! Sushi Typhoon is a vibrant collective of some of Japan's finest splatter directors. Here I catch up with Noboru Iguchi; director of deliriously violent films such as Machine Girl; Dead Sushi; Tomie: Unlimited; Robogeisha; and co-director of Mutant Girls Squad!

MM: How did you get involved with doing a short for ABCs of Death?
NI: It was presented by my old friend, Mr.Marc Walkow.

What is your highest priority when making a film; to scare, shock, be original, or raise the bar for your competition? Without giving away the story, which approach can we expect in your ABCs short?

My priority themes are quite different for every project, however, if I say the common points, my wish is to shoot movies have an impact that nobody has seen before. 

How would you define your specific styles of filming, and did you use your traditional approaches or decide to try something new for a foreign produced film?

Because ABCs of Death is a foreign project, I consciously  introduced symbolic images of Japan, such as school girls and shrines.  I intended to put the messages of my thoughts about earthquakes and radiation. 

Machine Girl was the first movie of this new wave of Japanese super splatter horror that I saw, and definitely the first one to get lots of attention from my friends. What were your inspirations to make such a fun and crazy film?

I was requested to shoot snuff, a fake torture killing movie first, but it didn't fit in my nature, so I  asked to do an action movie instead.  To tell the truth, this project would not be approved in Japanese movie companies. My first idea was to shoot macaroni western (what they spaghetti westerns in Japan) with high school girls.

How did it feel to adapt Junji Ito's manga, Tomie? I've read several volumes of Tomie and loved it--I would say Ito isn't just my favourite Japanese horror writer, but my favourite horror comics writer period! For your film Tomie: Unlimited, how was it to work with Ito? 

I am a fan of Mr. Junji Ito, too. I put a great deal of effort into grotesque description because there weren't many Tomie movies which were visualized grotesque. I am glad that I could visualize the scene of a no-neck Tomie running, because as soon as I read it, I knew this was a scene I would love to bring to life. I was deeply moved that Mr. Junji Ito himself liked "Unlimited".

You've created some memorable female horror heroes in Japanese cinema… is there any specific actress in Hollywood (or anywhere outside of Japan) you'd like to make a horror film with?

I really like Mia Farrow originally. I want Kirsten Dunst in my movie too. I love Spider-Man and Melancholia.

Be sure to catch Iguchi's contribution to ABCs of Death, and 25 other insane horror shorts from around the world!

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