We've tried hard to get Come Out And Play director Makinov to answer interview questions and he's refused. Makinov is notoriously secretive--even filming his movies in a mask. He's also unwilling to appear at tonight's Q&A, sending us a video manifesto instead that explains his reasons for creating anonymously and wearing a mask.

But, Makinov has agreed to take questions on Twitter, creating a kind of virtual question and answer session while maintaining his anonymity.

You can write Makinov at: https://twitter.com/onegodmakinov or @onegodmakinov

And if you do ask a question, use the Midnight Madness hashtag: #mmadnesstiff or include our Twitter account, @mmadnesstiff, so we can keep track of all the questions and answers and post them on the blog.

COME OUT AND PLAY screening times:
Thurs., Sept. 13, 11:59PM, RYERSON
Fri., Sept. 14, 3:15PM, CINEPLEX YONGE & DUNDAS 10
Sat., Sept. 15, 6:45PM, SCOTIABANK 11

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