Pictures from THE BAY Premiere!

 MM Blogger Sachin Hingoo usually handles posting the premiere pictures, but frankly no one's seen him since the premiere of Barry Levinson's first horror movie, The Bay. Some say Sachin was overcome by horror while watching the film. Others say that, enraged by the sight of unruly isopods, he struck out to Charm City to stop the isopods before they start. I've even heard gossip that Sachin was 6 or 7 giant isopods wearing a trench coat and fedora all along. But that's crazy talk.

Regardless, the red carpet premiere pictures must be posted. And so, in Sachin's name, enjoy!

Director Barry Levinson on the red carpet
for the world premiere of The Bay!

The lovely Kether Donahue will save us all from isopods
using only her fancy spike heels.

Actor Frank Deal doffs his cap, demonstrating true gentlemanliness
in the face of unspeakable wrongness.

(Parasitic isopods--not MM Photographer Ian)

Frank Deal, Kether Donahue and Barry Levinson on the red carpet.

Parasitic isopods, whatcha gonna do?

Horrific parasites could be sitting in the back
of your throat--right now!

Barry Levinson on stage at The Ryerson theatre.

MM Programmer Colin Geddes looks on as Mr. Levinson explains 
there's no point in panicking, the isopods' victory is inevitable.

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