Pics From the Premiere of AFTERSHOCK!

The world premiere of the apparently hard drinkin' Nicolás López's Aftershock was anything but a disaster on Tuesday night.  López, Eli Roth, and some of the rest of the cast of the earthquake horror walked the red carpet at the Ryerson and Ian Goring was there to catch all the action!

Natasha Yarovenko from Aftershock

Ariel Levy

The lovely Lorenza Izzo!

The one and only Bear Jew himself, Eli Roth!

Ruh roh, he's been drinking again!

This pose would prove to set the tone for the Q&A afterwards.

"How am I the responsible one in this partnership??"

You have one last chance to see Aftershock and it's this Sunday!

Sun., Sept. 16th, 3:30 PM CINEPLEX YONGE & DUNDAS 9

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