JOHN DIES AT THE END: Soy Sauce and You

Soy sauce, it's omnipresent--in our kitchens, on our restaurant tables, even in our snacks. But how much do you really know about soy sauce?

The world of film has depicted the dangers of many drugs from "Mary Jane" and "horse" or "skag" to the esoteric consciousness modification of Videodrome,   Strange Days and just plain jacking yourself in.  John Dies at the End promises to be an object lesson on the dangers of seemingly harmless soy sauce.

I'm waiting for my Kikkoman. $3.59 in my hand.

Kikkoman, Kimlan, it's more than a packet here or there--or even a bottle. Master Chef Martin Yan breaks down the vast Lee Kum Kee network that manufactures and distributes soy sauce on an unbelievable scale. Worse yet, the network has been able to respond to market demand with new varieties of soy sauce: Low Sodium, Chili, even "Panda."

It seems like a shake here and there, maybe a dish with wasabi adding a little piquancy to your sushi, but soy sauce overdose is not a pretty sight.

Watch what happens to a man who ingests over 150ml / 5oz of pure, uncut, high sodium shoyu.

Soy sauce does more than season your life.

JOHN DIES AT THE END screening times:
Sat., Sept. 15, 11:59pm: RYERSON
Sun., Sept. 16, 5pm: CINEPLEX YONGE & DUNDAS 2

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