COME OUT AND PLAY: Speculating About Makinov

Film School Rejects and Movies.com do some speculation on the masked director of Come Out And Play, Makinov

In noting that Makinov not only managed to direct a film, but to sell one while wearing a mask, Nathan Adams writes:
There are a lot of professions out there that might require a person to wear a mask: welder, murderer, Mexican professional wrestler. But one job that we don’t often think of as being held by hooded weirdos is film director. A mysterious figure from Belarus known only as Makinov is looking to change all of that, however.
Despite the fact that Makinov appears in public only while wearing a creepy red bag over his head, and despite the fact that nobody really has any idea who he is, he was somehow able to make a horror movie called Come Out and Play and get it shown at TIFF.  

 At Movies.com, Mike Bracken writes:
 Horror filmmakers have occasionally used anonymity and other means of notoriety to gain attention, but Makinov is taking it to a whole new level. Vomit Gore Trilogy director Lucifer Valentine hides his identity online and in interviews, but we’re pretty sure the cast and crew of his productions know what he looks like. Such is not the case with Makinov, who refuses to reveal his true identity even to those working with him to create his art.

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