DREDD 3D: "Grimy, Hyper-violent, Faithful"

At Hitfix, Drew McWeeny reviews Dredd 3D:
I'd heard good things after the Comic-Con screenings of the film, and it seems to be picking up a head of steam as far as critical reactions are concerned.  There were rumbles about behind-the-scenes difficulties during production, but none of that is visible in the final product, which is a hyper-violent action film that manages to perfectly capture a sort of world-weary attitude that really sells the reality of life in Mega City 1.  Karl Urban's performance as Judge Dredd, a legendary figure in the city, is suitably grim and badass, and there's not a hint of ego in the way he vanishes into that costume and that permanent scowl.

Catch the last screening of DREDD 3D at the Festival:
Sat., Sept. 8 12:30PM:  CINEPLEX ODEON

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