Pictures from the JOHN DIES AT THE END Premiere!

This year's closing night film was John Dies At The End, an adaption of David Wong's novel, filled with the awesome of interdimensional critters, a drug called, "soy sauce,"  a character named after an author's pseudonym and a Meat Monster!  Here are pictures taken on the red carpet and the Ryerson stage by intrepid MM photographer, Ian Goring, a man who fears neither interdimensional critters nor isopods!

Actor Chase Williamson who plays, David Wong.

Rob Mays, who plays the titular John. (And, dude,
right now, he can see your soul).

MM blogger Rob Mitchell interviews Chase Williamson
with videographer Sarah Dillard rocking the pink and zebra-striped headset.

Director Don Coscarelli, a man who knows a good book when he reads one.

The dapper Tai Bennett, who plays, Jacob Marley.

Cesare Gagliardoni, who played the Meat Monster. Suit actors, represent!

MM Programmer Colin Geddes and Don Coscarelli are quite decorous 
as befits a premiere screening. 

Holy cats, they're outta control!

On state at the Ryerson. Probably trash talking isopods in comparison to
other-dimensional creatures made visible only by ingesting soy sauce.

Coscarelli and Gagliardoni discuss acting choices in playing, The Meat Monster.

Thanks, everybody!

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  1. Did you have something from the lines of wellington special presentation? I would love to watch a Valeria Sarmiento interview, I love her work