Rob Zombie Discusses Upcoming Broad Street Bullies Film

Rob Zombie, director of Midnight Madness flick The Lords of Salem, discusses his next film project in an interview with ESPN. It'll be based on the true story of the "Broad Street Bullies", the nickname for the aggressive and frightening Philadelphia Flyers line-up of the early 70s.

Says Zombie, on the film: "It will be the true story. It will be gory. ... It will be a period piece, ... Philadelphia was a terrible place in those days. It was also the time of Watergate and the gas shortage and Patty Hearst. It was social upheaval at the time."

Zombie's Broad Street Bullies film is in its earliest phases of research, so to quench your thirst for hockey violence, here's the trailer for Slap Shot:

Mon.,  Sept. 10, 11:59:  Ryerson Theatre
Wed., Sept. 12, 5PM: Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 6

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