Diary of a TIFF Newbie Day 3 Recap: TUSK

Midnight Madness friends and fans:
Yesterday was day three of the festival and probably my most glamorous day to date. From drinking champagne at the Hollywood Reporter's party for The Theory of Everything, to attending the Tusk premier party with some friends, I was definitely "living large," if you will.

All of that aside, I couldn't wait to wake up this morning and write this post because... last night, I went to the premier of Kevin Smith's new horror-comedy Tusk, and it was without a doubt, the most Kevin Smith experience I could've ever asked for. He showed up for the intro wearing a hockey jersey, jean shorts with a hole in the crotch, and started talking to everyone about his leg fat. Oh and took a photo with the entire audience wearing walrus masks. 

I arrived at the screening early to help out with the walrus mask stunt. The idea was that everyone in the theatre would be wearing these totally creepy and amazing walrus masks and Kevin Smith would take a selfie of him with a sea of walruses during the intro. So as I was handing out masks to the ticket holders in line, helping people build them, etc. I found myself chatting with some incredibly passionate film fans. 

Kevin Smith fans are like no other fans. The first few groups of people were so excited about this film that they had hockey jerseys, hats, etc. made and were standing there attempting to recreate scenes from Clerks. It was awesome. 

I don't think there is any way I can even begin to describe Tusk. It's unlike any other film I have seen before and a must see for fans of Kevin Smith's work, especially the podcast that this film is based on! 

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