TIFF Newbie: IT FOLLOWS (David Robert Mitchell Wears Converse) & CUB

So this past summer when I was working at the Cannes Film Festival, a few friends of mine and I participated in the Producer's Workshop series. On day three, the speaker made an interesting observation about American filmmakers that doesn't seem to have anything to do with film, but I found to be really hilarious and more common than you'd think: American filmmakers wear Converse "Chuck Taylor's."

When he said this, I looked down at my feet. I was wearing black high tops, as were the three other American filmmakers to the left of me. The British man on my right just looked at us, shook his head and laughed—the speaker was absolutely right. (This story is relevant, I promise!)

So the other afternoon, Colin and Kat hosted the Midnight Madness cocktail party, with other bloggers, filmmakers and friends. My friend/partner in crime Taylor and I were telling fellow blogger Brad Brisco about this observation, when I noticed a man standing next to us at the bar wearing Converse. Naturally, I approached him to see if he'd settle our bet on whether he was American or not.

Sure enough, he was not only American but the incredibly talented writer/director of It Follows, which has crept onto the "Top 10" list of every person that I know that's seen it. He was with his producing parter Jen, this incredible woman from NYC who let me quickly pick her brain about the east vs. west coast argument. They were both so down to earth, intelligent and friendly, it was incredible and a highlight of my festival so far. I told them that I was writing for this blog and David said that this story should be my next post, so here we go!

So I have to leave the festival early to go back to school, which meant that I had to catch some of the MM films at their Press and Industry screening. Now, this was fine except that it prevented me from feeling comfortable enough to try to hold hands with the random man sitting next to me during Cub. And holding hands, not in a romantic way, but rather in a terrified, heart beating so fast, anxious, thrilling-- kind of way. Cub was the first industry screening that I've been to at this whole festival that completely sold out the theatre and had a waiting list. No one walked out, it was amazing, but I am not surprised at all. There's something so terrifying and lovely about featuring children/adolescents in horror films that I have always really appreciated (Let the Right One In, The Exorcist, Carrie, etc).
Since I had to leave, I gave my MM ticket to Cub to my friend Taylor, who also must've loved it because I woke up this morning to a text of a picture of him wearing a Kai mask!

Here's my final list of TIFF films that I saw over the past 7 days:
Miss Julie
The Riot Club
Partners in Crime
Love and Mercy
The Editor
Top Five
While We're Young
The Guest
Golden Era
Tu Dors Nicole
Sand Dollar
Tokyo Fiancé
Second Coming
Welcome to Me
The Intruder
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence
Iraqi Odyssey
It Follows
Kabukicho Love Hotel
The Lesson

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