Pics From the Premiere of THE EDITOR!

The crew from Astron-6 were in the house on Thursday night with a bombastic, outrageous tribute and parody of giallo horror called THE EDITOR. Faces and tops alike were ripped off as the Ryerson audience was treated to the spectacle.  Ian Goring was there to capture all the surreal sights!
Colin Geddes and the crew from Astron-6!

The poster for THE EDITOR is one of my favourites of the year.
You know it's about to go down when Colin gets in on the beach ball/balloon action!

This balloon is a-ok!

No better way to endear yourself to the audience than FREE SHIRTS!

The lovely Sheila Campbell talks about the crazy vibe on set for THE EDITOR!

Team EDITOR wraps up a crazy Midnight Madness screening!
You're out of luck to catch another screening of THE EDITOR at TIFF, but keep an eye out for it at a theatre or VOD soon!

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