Pics From the Premiere of ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!

From the moment that Colin Geddes asked the audience to scream out our favourite Cannon film, we knew that we'd be in for one of director Mark Hartley's signature trips down cinematic memory lane. Electric Boogaloo didn't disappoint, and it was nothing short of a salacious party as Hartley and producer Brett Ratner brought Cannon's signature ostentatiousness back around for a critical look.  Ian Goring was there to capture how it all went down.

Mark Hartley and Brett Ratner walk the red carpet for ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!

Director Mark Hartley

Mark Hartley and programmer Colin Geddes

Robert Mitchell chats with Mark Hartley for the Blog!

The crew of ELECTRIC BOOGALOO (and Colin Geddes)!

Colin Geddes hypes up the audience for ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!

Mark Hartley and Colin Geddes poll the audience about their favourite Cannon films!

Brett Ratner, Colin Geddes, and Mark Hartley

If you missed out on the Midnight screening of Electric Boogaloo, you've got one more chance to see it at TIFF! 

Sun., Sept. 14th, 12:45 PM, SCOTIABANK 11

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