Classic Bond Villain Henchman actor Richard Kiel has passed away yesterday, at age 74.  The causes are still currently undisclosed. Although he was a prolific actor with 78 imdb credits; we most fondly remember Mr. Kiel as the signature character, Jaws.

An incredibly tall man, towering at just about 7'2, Jaws menaced James Bond with a mouth full of metal teeth.  The character appeared in the films The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979)  with a cameo reprisal of the character in Inspector Gadget Jaws was mostly a silent, imposing physical force, who seemed to survive and overcome the most impossible perils Bond threw his way.  Naturally this made him a fan favourite.  In the The Spy Who Loved Me, he was largely a scary, terminator like antagonist, however, his role was more campy and humorous in Moonraker. His character actually had a change of heart in the latter - and helped Bond to save the world.

In these films, he only spoke one line, to his similarly silent girlfriend "Here's to us".

He'll be missed by us at the Midnight Madness Blog, and his many fans, no doubt.

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