TIFF Newbie: Taika Waititi's TEDx Talk on "The Art of Creativity"

TIFF Newbie here:

So I was browsing the web doing some research for this post, when I stumbled upon something unexpected and amazing. I don't know about all of you, but I am absolutely addicted to TED talks. TED is not a person, although I do have an Uncle Ted, but rather an acronym that stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. There is a TED convention held every year in Vancouver, but for the past several years, there have been "pop up" TED talks all over the world, featuring incredibly talented, smart and creative speakers.

So I was going to share some random man's iphone video from the Q&A at the Sundance screening of What We Do in the Shadows, but the quality was dodgy and I came across this gem instead.

This is a TEDx talk from a few years back by filmmaker Taika Waititi about "The Art of Creativity" where he discusses his background in the arts and how he finally landed in the film world. It's worth watching, especially in light of the screenings of What We Do in the Shadows!

Taika Waititi TEDx "The Art of Creativity"

What We Do in the Shadows SCREENINGS:
Friday   Sept. 12  11:59  PM  Ryerson
Sat.       Sept. 13   9:30   PM  Scotiabank Theatre 12
Sun.      Sept. 14   3:45   PM  Scotiabank Theatre 3

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