Pics from the Premiere of [REC]4: Apocalypse!

It was no ordinary sea voyage as Jaume Balaguero brought the final installment of the [REC] series to Midnight Madness! Photographer Ian Goring was there to capture all the action as the Ryerson audience was treated to feral monkeys, creepy zombies, and a larvae thing that looked suspiciously like an isopod!

The very serious [REC]4 director Jaume Balaguero

The not-so-serious Colin Geddes and Jaume Balaguero

Jaume Balaguero is interviewed by Midnight Madness Blogger Robert Mitchell on the red carpet

The charming and slightly tipsy Manuela Velasco!


Not pictured: The possessed howler monkey about to strike

Manuela Velasco was thrilled to attend Midnight Madness for the first time!


...mmmmmmmWAH! And we're out!
Sadly, there are no remaining screenings of [REC]4 this year at TIFF, but hopefully you'll have a chance to catch it in theatres or VOD soon!

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