Pics from the Premiere of Sion Sono's TOKYO TRIBE!

If there's been a better brain-breaking erotic hip-hop musical at Midnight Madness than Sion Sono's TOKYO TRIBE, I sure haven't seen it. A packed house at the Ryerson was treated to rap battles, kung-fu action, and what I'm convinced is some of the most unique 'furniture' that will grace the TIFF screen this year!

Check out intrepid photographer Ian Goring's snaps from last night's wild ride:

Didn't you miss these lines, folks? 

Two of the best-dressed producers to ever grace the Midnight Madness stage! Gotta love that upholstery suit, and in such a tasteful yellow.

Young Dais throws up my personal favourite gang sign - the dreaded "pleasant wave"!

Sion Sono reps the hard streets of Milwaukee (by way of Japan) with his 'EHHHHH!' gang sign.

Does two people constitute a gang? When you're Young Dais and Sion Sono it does!

Sion Sono and Colin Geddes discover the hidden crop of invisible scary mangoes growing outside the Ryerson. Try to spot them at your next screening, they're delicious and spooky.

The Ryerson crowd getting packed in for the first screening of Midnight Madness 2014!

Colin hypes up an already-hyped Ryerson crowd for TOKYO TRIBE!

And as if the crowd weren't already rabid for rap-battling Tokyo gangs, Sono and Dais let loose on stage to let everyone know what time it is! (The time was approximately 12:15am.)

Sion Sono wraps up one of the most bizarre screenings I can recall. 
You can still catch TOKYO TRIBE at the last screening here at TIFF! And don't forget about the nine other films we've got on tap for the rest of the fest

TOKYO TRIBE screening times:
Sun., Sept. 14th, 3:30 PM, LIGHTBOX 3

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