MM Programmer Colin Geddes gets Cinematical!

Midnight Madness programmer Colin Geddes speaks to Cinematical about the challenges in programming genre cinema, the picks he missed out on, and how he's still pals with people he met in line at the very first Midnight Madness back in 1988:
I have no idea how that happened, but all the clues were able to line up for that first year. I think it must have been Hellraiser II for the first one, but in that lineup I met Bill and Remo -- we talked about the nuances of Italian cannibal films. In 1988 you couldn't find anyone to talk about this stuff. To this day, I'm best friends with those guys that I met in the lineup. I've been to the wedding of one of them. Another one I drove down to the Chiller Convention in NJ several times with.

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