Midnight Madness Picks: Rue Morgue's Dave Alexander

More Midnight Madness Picks -- this time from Rue Morgue Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Dave Alexander. Besides producing a heck of a mag every month, he programs Rue Morgue's monthly Cinemacabre screenings at the Bloor Cinema, runs MSN Movies' Blogtastic Voyage, and knows the lines to Magnum Force verbatim.

1. Fubar 2

Being from Alberta, the hoser headbanger epic that is Fubar is close to my heart (well... maybe closer to my liver...), so I plan on putting on my tightest pair of black jeans, crackin' a few cold ones before the screening and just givin' 'er for this opening night MM film. With a bigger budget, eight years for the story to germinate in co-writer/director Michael Dowse's head, and a killer premise that sees dirtbags-in-arms Dean and Terry seeking fame and fortune in the Northern Alberta oil patch, I fully expect the good to be cranked waaay up on this one, and the suck to be turned down. Besides, with their balding buddy Tron returning, there's no way this one can funkin' blow.

2. Stake Land

I love director Jim Mickle and writer/star Nick Damici's Romero-influenced rat apocalypse movie Mulberry Street, so I expect their politically-charged vampire apocalypse tale to make a big, bloody splash. Glass Eye Pix – Larry Fessenden's company – has a great track record and seems like the perfect indie film fit, plus I like the grim atmosphere of the trailer and that they use a Leadbelly tune on the soundtrack. I'm anticipating the welcome antithesis to a certain popular tween wuss-vampire franchise. That's right, suck it, Twilight, Stake Land will PWN you. OMG! LOL!

3. Super

James Gunn made one of my favourite horror comedies, Slither, plus the little seen superhero spoof he wrote called The Specials has some great moments in it (if not quite enough budget to match its ambitions). With that nerd cred, you can expect serious laughs out of movie about a costumed vigilante armed with a monkey wrench. But wait, we've also got The Office's Rainn Wilson in the lead, Ellen Page in the role of sidekick, and shore it up with the likes of Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon and Michael Rooker in supporting roles? That's a recipe for spandex-busting wannabe superhero shenanigans if ever there was one.


Super screens:
Monday, September 13. 9:30AM Varsity 8
Saturday September 18 6:00PM Scotiabank 4

Fubar II screens:
Thursday September 9. 11:59PM Ryerson
Saturday September 11 12:00PM Varsity 8

Stake Land screens:
Friday, September 17. 11:59PM Ryerson
Saturday September 18, 12:15PM Scotiabank 4
Sunday September 19 9:00PM AMC 2

You can purchase tickets from the official TIFF website.

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