On the Red Carpet for BUNRAKU! Now with 20% More GACKT!

Ian Goring was kicking ass (photographically) at the premiere of BUNRAKU on Saturday, so come in close for some dirty boxing and check out the action! Also check out that dope kimono on GACKT! Did you know he designed it himself? Is there anything that dude can't do?? He is the Slap Chop of Japan, on so many levels.

Woody Harrelson ("The Bartender") is freakin' awesome

Kevin McKidd ("Killer #2") is a good lookin' dude

Josh Hartnett ("The Drifter") and GACKT ("Yoshi") hug it out

Fans go crazy for GACKT!

Director Guy Moshe strikes a pose

The throngs of people waiting to get some GACKTion!

The Midnight Madness Blog's own Robert Mitchell gets a few words with GACKT!

Josh Hartnett is interviewed by someone who is not Leonardo DiCaprio (we asked)

There is literally nothing on earth more badass than Ron Perlman ("Nicola") in this shot.

GACKT looks pensive and shows off the kimono that he designed!

BUNRAKU (still) screens:
Tuesday, Sept. 14th at 10:15pm at Scotiabank Theatre #2
Friday, Sept. 17th at 5:00pm at Scotiabank Theatre #2

You can buy tickets from the official TIFF website


  1. Great photos!

    Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Yay, Rob!

  2. Wow! Everyone looks fantastic (especially GACKT, but I'm biased). Thanks so much for the lovely pictures! I'm just sad that I couldn't be there myself.

  3. Thanks for so GACKT-centric post! And for comparing him with Slap Chop too. He's this... and much more. As for the things he can't do - there's still a bunch of them... but he's working on it :)

  4. I'm loving the Gackt Madness on this blog XD

  5. The maing guys from Bunraku are making some nice group of people. Plus the GACKT's vision for art, scene, moment, isn't it great group?

    I think this was/is pure success!

  6. Thanks for the pictures :) GACKT looks awesome as always.

    Yes. GACKT designed the kimono himself. You can check out his other designs here: http://gackt-nemuri-kimono.com/front/sales_index.php

    That guy can really do maybe ALMOST EVERYTHING. He actually has a stage play going on in Japan right now.

  7. Thank you for more pictures of GACKT! This black and red yukata is really beautiful, GACKT is really great artist and amazing human being. Many people around the world love him :-)

  8. I think the only thing I remember Gackt having a problem doing is hula-hooping lmao. That's it. Everything else, he's a straight out genius.

  9. Thank you for this
    GACKT is as always amazing

  10. wow....I saw so many good words about GACKT here....hehehe
    after all he's amazing...
    and yep
    I'm really sure he has a lot of fans around the world..!!!

  11. He also designed the cross he was wearing which is composed of over 200 individual pieces, completely unique in complexity, along with the other jewelry he had on

  12. Ok, so I've been a huge Gackt fan for a long time, and I'm also a big visual-kei fan. That said, when I saw that first picture of Gackt with Josh Hartnett, I thought "who is she?" and I seriously thought it was some chick until I read the caption.

    This is coming from a girl who often things about GIRLS, "Hey is that Gackt?" or "That guy looks like Gackt." So that was a strange moment for me. I think it's the hair and the way the kimono hangs open?

  13. wooow i love the kimono !!!!!!! Thanks for the pictures