It's a tweet-off: Super's James Gunn vs Roger Ebert!

From the "so crazy I wouldn't have believed it 'til I saw it" file comes this gem from Jennie Punter at The Globe and Mail:

In what promises be the most raucous (yet sporadically quiet) industry event, renowned film critic and voracious tweeter Roger Ebert – who mixes politics and ingredients from “The Pot” into his numerous daily 140-character missives – will let his fingers do the talking as he debates film-biz issues with panel of online critics, along with director and blog star James Gunn and his Super star Rainn Wilson (The Office). Does this mark the first Twitter game show? Will Ebert’s thousands of followers log in and crash the party … or the server? Tune in from anywhere. (Sept. 11, 4 p.m., Filmmaker’s Lounge, 134 Peter St.)

So check out the twitter Battle Royale tomorrow and make sure to be at the premiere of Super tonight!

Super screens:
Friday, Sept. 10. 11:59pm Ryerson
Monday, Sept. 13. 9:30am Varsity 8
Saturday, Sept. 18. Scotiabank Theatre 4

Tickets can be purchased at the official TIFF site.

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