GACKT Responds!

Through the miracles of the internet, fortunate translations by my wife and GACKT, and I was able to pose the international superstar a few questions about his acting experiences in Bunraku, and he’s gotten back to us just in time for his big North American premiere:

Hello GACKT! Thanks very much for taking the time to answer these questions.

How did you prepare for your role, and what were your unique inspirations in bringing the character of Yoshi to the screen?

I wanted do all the stunts myself so I trained 6 hours everyday before principle of photography. I mainly trained doing acrobatics, martial arts and weight training.

Since Yoshi was a character from Kyoto, I proposed the Japanese casts to speak in Kyoto dialect and advised to change the dialogue.

In doing this blog I discovered just how strong your international fans are. They are extremely excited that you are coming. What do you think of your worldwide fan base out of Japan, and do you have anything to say to them?

I am blessed to have fans outside of Japan, and wish to show my appreciation someday by doing more shows overseas.

As for my recent tour in Europe, I was informed the tickets sold out within 10 minutes. As much as I am honored, I feel bad there were many fans who couldn’t come see me.

But I hope to perform in the US, South America and Canada next year. I am really happy this movie is coming out since it will help me make the tour happen.

Clayton Barber (stunt coordinator) said the cast of Bunraku did 95% of their own stunts, did you have fun doing these stunts, and if so, what was your favorite memory?

I was astonished by the high level performances of the stunt actors who I had the opportunity to work with.

But I didn’t want to ask another actor to perform the action scenes on my behalf so I insisted from the very beginning to do all the actions myself.

The training was quite hard, but everyday was exciting and inspiring. Everything that happened during the shoot is all great memories.

When Josh and I did a fighting scene together, he hurled me to the ground and I landed on my head. I had fainted and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. I can’t forget Josh’s smile when we reunited afterwards.

During the shoot, Josh happened to really punch me 3 times. I was counting how many times I was going to get beaten by the man until the movie wrapped, but this didn’t bother me at all since we were working very hard and wanted to make the best out of performance.

As an accomplished Writer, Singer, Musician, Actor - how do you decide which form of artistic expression you are going to pursue at a given time?

As you mention, I like to express myself in any artistic form possible. I started my career as an musician, but now I aim to pursue expressing myself as an actor. BUNRAKU inspired me to want to act more and is my focus right now.

What attracted you to this role, and what other types of characters are you interested in playing?

I wish to play roles that allow me to represent not only Japan, but Asia as well. I am grateful to connect with fans all over the world by starring in movies and would love to continue doing so.

It was great pleasure meeting new people in a place I have never been before. I love meeting new people since it inspires me and opens up new possibilities in life.

I hope this movie allows people to sense what Japanese culture and samurai spirit is. I believe the spirit of samurai is an important element being Japanese. It is losing value in today’s world, but I feel it's a big part our identity and should not be forgotten. I tried to do my best and show that spirit in the movie.

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful cast and crew. Thank you and please look forward to the movie!

Bunraku Screening times:

Saturday, Sept. 11. 11:59pm Ryerson

Tuesday, Sept 14. 10:15pm Scotiabank Theatre 2

Friday, Sept 17. 5:00pm Scotiabank Theatre 2

You can purchase tickets from the official TIFF website.


  1. Thanks so much for the interview!

    I wish GACKT and the rest of the BUNRAKU crew the best at the movie premiere tonight! I'm sure it will be absolutely amazing!

  2. A great interview...really... thanks!!!

  3. Gackt is an exceptional artist, talented and outstanding. I hope we can see it soon in Brazil!

  4. I want to see this movie...like RIGHT NOW! ;_;
    Great interview, Gakkun seems to be his usual samurai-like self^^♥

  5. What a honor that GACKT responed you!

    He's not just a normal singer-songwriter, or expressionist since his caring a lot for his fans, and giving them only the best. Positive energy, positive concerts with real meanings.
    And especially is caring about the children.

    As well, TIFF you should watch his latest concert tour 2days sold-out performances in Saitama Super Arena at around 38,000 people!
    It's known as Requiem et Reminiscence II
    This is the greatest show held in recent, at least, 15 years worldwide!
    That is "Visual Live Alive"

  6. GACKT is the very best!!!!

  7. It should have been a honor to see him face to face *-* I'm pretty jealous!!! Hope him to come to BRAZIL!!!!!

  8. Good interview, I wait with anxieties for the visit of gackt to sudamerica (chili), he is a great artist

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    GACKT South America???????!!!!
    very nice interview!!!!

  10. Gackt IS AMAZING!
    thanks for sharing the interview and for translating ..
    But, why only in america?
    Also in Mexico we want!
    I hope the movie is released this year!

    thanks again!

  11. Thanks for the great interview, enjoy the film tonight!

  12. gackt is such a great person. hope the movie is great... have fun ^^

  13. Quite jealous. Would love to interview Gackt (or anyone related to the movie) on my radio show, to help promote the movie. Thanks for this info though. Found out a lot of things I never knew... like how he passed out when he hit his head, and had to go to the hopsital.

    Mind if I use some of this info for my show (giving you full credit of course)?

  14. Canada?? Really??? That would be the best. :D

  15. Interesting wish he responded to my posts!

  16. thank you!!!~~
    GACKT is the besT!!!!
    tour in south america!!!


    vivih from chile!

  17. I say you go Gackt wish to share my birthday with you this coming yr December 9. I always have ideas for your pictures and shows wishing to share them with the most amazing person I know if given a chance ideas are always flowing faster than a computer when I see your pictures all the time its also my deepest wish to meet you always in my heart and soul your guardian angel always Leah Camui!

  18. Ah~GACKT! He's a great musician with awesome talents! Love him so much...
    Such an incredible that he and Josh did the stunts on their own. They're all professional! Thanks for the interview.....

  19. Great! Thanks for the interview!
    We really hope GACKT bring his concert to Latin America... and to Brazil! It would be perfect! *o*

    Thanks again for your interview!
    You are great!

  20. "But I hope to perform in the US.." <---makes me very happy :D Can't wait for this movie! Good questions btw.

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    thanks for your other post on GACKT you were very nice when you talked about him... :)

  26. "As for my recent tour in Europe, I was informed the tickets sold out within 10 minutes. As much as I am honored, I feel bad there were many fans who couldn’t come see me."
    He's being modest :), the adorkable man, it was less than 4 minutes. He should also feel bad for being the reason why so many ticket sites crashed XD

  27. I'm dreaming of the day when I see him in concert. Been a fan for over 8 years now but haven't seen his live yet... sigh.

    I really hope his North American tour happens soon. I'm already saving up so I can see him in multiple cities. :D

  28. OMG I've just read this. I really hope he comes to South America ♥. I'm Argentinian... I want him to come here so bad~~
    Hey, is it a problem if I translate it in Spanish for my blog? o.o
    I won't do it if you don't want, obviously ^^ But I'm so happy I wanted to post it~ x33

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