Before Midnight - Confessions

Time for another post about a film outside of the Midnight Madness program, that I'm preeeeeeeeeetty sure you're going to want to see.

If you're a fan of Japanese cinema, you might be familiar with the past films of Tetsuya Nakashima (Kamikaze Girls and Memories of Matsuko). Nakashima is back with a new film called Confessions, and it looks like it could be one of the best films of the festival.

Confessions tells the story of an elementary school teacher whose daughter dies. The police rule the child's death as an accident, but when the bereaved mother returns to her classroom, she becomes convinced that two of her students are responsible for her daughter's death, and decides to take her revenge.

Considering the film's dark subject matter, it's surprising that it was a smash hit at the box office in Japan, but I'm guessing that it's also a testament to the film's quality. Check out the trailer below and just TRY to tell me you don't want to see it.

Confessions screens:
Friday, September 17 - 9:00:00 PM -RYERSON
Saturday, September 18 - 5:30:00 PM - SCOTIABANK THEATRE 11
Sunday,September 19 - 9:30:00 AM - SCOTIABANK THEATRE 11

You can purchase tickets from the official TIFF website.

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