FUBAR II: Giv'r Improv!

Fubar II is without a doubt one of the great Canadian comedies of all time. What is one of the reasons for its greatness, you may ask?

Well, this film is 100% improvised! It's the Hoser Easy Rider! Here is a slice from last night's Q&A session (where Terry and Dean are out of character, I may add) and they address whether or not the film was scripted.

*WARNING* Spoilers are sort of contained in this clip.

I strongly urge you to see this with a TIFF audience. You have one last chance to do so if you can get to the Varsity theatre and giv'r by Saturday!

Fubar II screens:
Saturday, Sept. 11th at 12:00pm at the Varsity 8

You can buy tickets from the official TIFF website


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