@thesubstream ♥'s Midnight Madness #3 - BUNRAKU

It was a wet one last night but the Midnight Madness crowd was out in full force. Man, people sure go crazy for that Gackt dude. Let the good times roll....


  1. LOL. Well yeah, GACKT is used to being bombarded with flashing lights and hundreds of people with cameras. And he's definitely other-worldly, kind of scary but totally awesome in every way. I can't wait to see him in the movie!

    Thanks for the review! I hope the story isn't as disappointing as you guys seem to think. :)

  2. GACKT rock the house man!!

    if he did it with a straight face XD...
    imagine what would happend if he smile??

  3. "and they're like, 'is that a club?'"

    that made me laugh.

  4. @Samantha - No disappointment here, except maybe the soakin'wet feet part!

    @Carol Borden - that makes us happy ;)