Midnight Madness Picks: Grady Hendrix of NYAFF

We are graced with the presence of the great Grady Hendrix: writer, raconteur, programmer of the New York Asian Film Festival, and always, always the coolest guy in the room. There's this rumour going 'round that TIFF ends on the 19th of September, but make no mistake -- TIFF ends whenever Grady leaves Toronto. Here's one of the films he thinks you should see:

"The Butcher, The Chef and the Swordsman! It's already attracting a lot of hype with that endorsement from Doug Liman, and from the tiny amount of footage I've seen, the hype is deserved. I'm a sucker for food movies and here's hoping that this one will give me a full release and a happy ending."

Thursday, September 16. 11:59PM Ryerson
Friday, September 17, 6:30PM AMC 6
Saturday, September 18, 3:30PM Scotiabank 2

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