Best Midnight Madness Audience EVER!!!

Midnight Madness audiences are known as some of the best and most enthusiastic crowds a film can have. I've been going to Midnight Madness for 12 years now, and I would wholeheartedly agree! But at tonight's World Premiere of Fubar II, a sold out theatre full of metalheads and 'hoser bitches'* put every single Midnight Madness audience that had come before it to shame.

There were moments that felt more like a rock show than a film screening, and I am issuing a challenge to the remaining 9 Midnight Madness audiences of TIFF 2010. The challenge is simply to step up (in 3D?) their game!! I'm sure that video footage of tonight's screening will find its way to the blog in the coming days. Turning it up to 11 just won't be good enough.

*This, courtesy of an audience member during the q&a.

Fubar II screens one last time at:
Saturday, September 11 - 12:00 PM - VARSITY 8

You can buy tickets from the official TIFF website.


  1. Great screening tonight and way to make an entrance on the red carpet, big props to Colin for belting out that intro in heavy metal fashion at the top of his lungs (I hope he still had a voice for the remaining screenings).
    Colin to headline Ozzfest next year?

  2. The audience rocked so hard it almost made Colin lose his voice!