GACKT at the Premiere of Bunraku

No witty intro just straight to the goods. Here is video of GACKT at the World premiere of Bunraku. He talked about what drew him to the role & what it was like working with American actors.

As requested here is a transcript Thanks to Youtube user DocObsidian:

Q – What attracted you to the role? GACKT?

(crowd laughter)

A – Two years ago… three years ago… (This film crew) showed up (laughs) and er, we talked about this movie for over ten hours. It was a small role (?) (laughs) I, er (crowd laughs), yes, (laughs) and then I very happy and lucky. This was three years ago. He is a genius (applause and cheering).

And er, I want to thank the actors for they are great people. (crowd awww and applaud)

Q – (audience member) This is a question for GACKT. I just wanna know, basically, what’s it like working with an American cast as opposed to a Japanese cast like in Moonchild? And do you ever plan on touring here? (laughter)

A – I feel, er, that our schedule, our schedule was very hard. When I was scheduled I was waking up at 5 and I slept at 3. For two hours! But, you know, they’re, they’re always smiling. I didn’t… I couldn’t (laughter)

Why they could smile every time, you know, they’re… You know… I can feel that they’re, they’re always enjoying their life. It is, it is different for them to, er, succeed and I don’t know… It is kind of difficult to explain but, er, they’re always pushing me and er, it was very good and it was very good learning experi, experience for me.

And I could feel their powerfulness?. Japanese actors more strict and they are always, they are of course acting with the, with no smile. (laughter). I love this smile.

Bunraku screening times:
Tuesday, Sept. 14. 10:15pm Scotiabank Theatre 2
Friday, Sept. 17. 5:00pm Scotiabank Theatre 2

Tickets can be purchased at the official TIFF site.


  1. possible a transcription of what gackt says

  2. Oh My GOD! GACKT looks great in that Kimono!! He really brings the 'Samurai' spirit on the stage. Ah~too bad, i can't understand what is he saying?? Does he speak Japanese or English?? But anyway...he's 'GORGEOUS'!! Thanks for the upload....^ ^

  3. Um.. Did understood 30% of his English.
    But okay, he was bit confused xD

  4. Oh gosh. I've been a fan of Gackt since 2001 and I've seen him on dozens and dozens of Japanese TV programs and I think this is the first time I think I've EVER seen him NERVOUS. <3

  5. So cute, so visual, how can you not love Gackt XD?

  6. Thank you for posting this!!

    Oh man his voice is SO deep and quiet (and sexy.) And his English is SO good! He's improved so much from what it used to be! ♥

    I kind of missed it, did that girl ask if he was going to tour here? And did he purposely NOT answer that question? xD

  7. OMG! thank you so much for posting this

  8. "LauraOrganaSolo said...
    I think this is the first time I think I've EVER seen him NERVOUS."

    Yes! I never see him nervous like this before!
    His sexy deep voice, it's hardly to hear what's he saying without max volume xP

  9. I'm so happy, I can understand Gacktese XDDD~!
    But seriously, his English has vastly improved which I am happy to see.

    He looks great in that yukata, and so nervous too! As most GACKT fans know, GACKT + nervous is something almost unheard of! It's quite endearing to see though.

    I'm so happy with the turnout of all this, way to go GACKT! First step towards world domination 8D!

  10. "Thyara" said...
    Totally nervous = Totally CUTE!
    But he is improving his english, I can hear and understand it! Although my language is Spanish and my English is not the best jeje..

    By the way, I love his voice =) and that cooool kimono :O

  11. thank you so much for the translation ^^

  12. You go Gackt! Show the world your awesomeness!

  13. Wow so hot! Sounds like an awesome film.

  14. Haha, what's not to like about GACKT? He really is one-of-a-kind. No other man can be so sexy and yet so cute at the same time! I hope more westerners acknowledge his talents after the release of Bunraku. Thanks for the video and translation!