BUNRAKU: Red Carpet Coverage

For the premiere of Bunraku, GACKT arrived dressed in a beautiful kimono he designed himself, Ron Perlman talks about the privilege of working with him, Kevin McKidd talks about what drew him to doing this film, director Guy Moshe discusses the production design and Josh Hartnett discusses what was involved in the fight sequences.

BUNRAKU (still) screens:
Tuesday, Sept. 14th at 10:15pm at Scotiabank Theatre #2
Friday, Sept. 17th at 5:00pm at Scotiabank Theatre #2


  1. I absolutely LOVE that there's like a GACKT theme during this video, and he's only actually talking for like 2 second in the thing. xDDD

    You guys are loves. ♥

  2. oh my Gackt~

    I lol'd at Ron's comment when the Gackt fans started chanting, "wow, somebody just arrived."

    I will treasure my poster :)

  3. @Samantha, it was a pity he didn't get to talk to us, but it was because of time constraints and he had to get into the theatre just before we got to speak with him. *sad face*

  4. OMFG *DIIIEESSSS 3:50 I didn't know it was being filmed ^_^;;;;!!

    I hope he will do a North American TOUR !


    Best day ever!