Red Carpet Hotness for THE WARD!

Female fans of Midnight Madness got an international dose of red carpet eye candy earlier this week from the likes of USA's Josh Hartnett, Japan's GACKT, Canada's Hayden Christiansen, and Biker Dude Magazine's Sexiest Man of the Year runner-up, Ron Perlman. But last night's screening of John Carpenter's The Ward brought a bevy of beautiful females (and Jared Harris of Mad Men) to Midnight Madness that rivals even the red carpet of last year's Midnight Madness selection Bitch Slap. Ian Goring was there, and thankfully his very expensive camera didn't melt from all this hotness! Check it out, and try not to go insane!

All The Boys Love Amber Heard ("Kristen")

Amber Heard strikes a pose. Is there any way to make her NOT look hot? If you find one, the science community would like to know.

Danielle Panabaker ("Sarah"), Amber Heard, Laura-Leigh ("Zoey"), and Mika Boorem ("Alice")

Lyndsy Fonseca ("Iris") poses for a picture that is so hot that the hard drive in my computer is starting to fail.

D.R. Anderson ("Roy") and Jared Harris ("Dr Stringer")

Mika Boorem brings it on the red carpet

John Carpenter may not be gracing the pages of Maxim anytime soon (hopefully) but he sent a special message to the Midnight crowd since jury duty prevented him from attending TIFF.

I love you, Laura-Leigh! Call me!

Colin "The Luckiest Man on Earth" Geddes whispers in Amber Heard's ear and gets a kiss. Transcript: "YARRRRRRRRR!!"

John Carpenter's The Ward screens ONE LAST TIME, guys!
Sunday, Sept. 19. 12:15pm Scotiabank Theatre 1

Tickets can be purchased at the offical TIFF site.

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  1. Sweet pictures. Unfortunately, Sean Cook was not at the premiere. Pictured with Jared Harris is actually D.R. Anderson (Roy).