The Film That Got Away

It seems as though some longtime Midnight Madness attendees have been flooding Midnight Madness programmer, Colin Geddes' inbox lately with angry e-mails. Why? Because a film that they all expected to be screening at the festival this year, won't be.

Film festival audiences are so savvy these days, and sometimes after reading rave reviews of certain films playing at one festival or another, they just assume that the film will be screening at their big hometown festival. Colin said that he couldn't go into the details of why this film wasn't playing at TIFF this year, but wants to assure you that after the way the Midnight Madness audience responded to Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django... He's heartbroken to have not been able to include it in the program.

Every year, if you ask a film programmer if they have a "film that got away", they'll look at you with sad eyes and tell you about the films that they loved but couldn't program.

This year's film that got away was...

Pour a 2L of Faygo for all your disappointed Juggalos.


  1. Wait.. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  2. Heh. Nathan Rabin was live-tweeting this yesterday afternoon. Vicarious viewing was pretty fun.

  3. They would have had to change the name of the programme to 'Midnight Magnets' for one night only had that film gotten in

  4. I'm not sure how that would have worked, Jesse.

    PGK... Fuuuuuuudge.