The Guardian (UK) gives KILL LIST 4/5 Stars!

Lots of good press for Ben Wheatley's Kill List around the web lately, with the newest addition to the love-in being a 4-star review from The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw. In the review, Bradshaw claims that "[a]s far as British horror goes right now, Kill List
is pretty much top of the range". Hard to argue with that kind of praise! Personally, the Midnight Madness closing film for this year is right at the top of my most-anticipated of the lineup. Don't miss out!

Mr Bradshaw's review has also just introduced me to the unequivocally whoopass term, 'infra-retch'. Stealing it!

Kill List screening times:

Saturday September 17 11:59pm Ryerson

Sunday September 18 3:15pm Scotiabank Theatre 4

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