Craploads of Animal Masks - Ian Goring's Pics from YOU'RE NEXT!

Saturday night may well have been the creepiest, most unsettling Midnight Madness screenings in a while and it wasn't even entirely from the film (which, to be fair, was pretty friggin' creepy and unsettling).  You're Next brought the crazies out in force even more than usual, many clad in the uber-bizarre animal masks worn by the killers in the film.  Looking out into an audience of lambs and tigers staring back at you may be the weirdest thing you'll see all year.  Here's Ian Goring's menagerie of pictures from the screening that turned the Ryerson into a literal zoo.
Aw, they think they're people!

Three of these ladies won't make it throughvthis movie alive.  In a way, it's a lot like The Bachelor - with 20% more blenders to the brain.
The whole You're Next crew was momentarily distracted by a squirrel and a passing mailman.
In hindsight, we never should've left all those chew toys on the seats.
Robert Mitchell interviews the almost implausibly lovely Sharni Vinson
These guys wouldn't stop hanging around the entrance to the theatre, so we threw a ball of yarn across the street and they dispersed.  WHO'S A GOOD KITTY! YOU ARE!
Midnight Madness Programmer Colin Geddes, Adam Wingard, and Simon Barrett discuss the influences for the script , which included Scream and Home Alone (really!)
Writer Simon Barrett and Director Adam Wingard's next project will be a mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the remainder of star Sharni Vinson's skirt.  

The whole twisted crew behind You're Next.  They're a pretty bunch, no?
What sort of axe-wielding maniacal bastard would want to extinguish that smile?

You're Next screens twice more this week - make sure that you check it out, unless of course you want an axe to the skull.

You're Next screens:
Monday September 12 6:30pm AMC 7
Friday September 16 4:00pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

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