Midnight Madness 2011: A Year of Discovery

The Hollywood Reporter has written a piece about the importance of the Midnight Madness program to film buyers and makers, and how this year's program has moved away from films with big stars in order to showcase new talents that are ready to be discovered by a larger audience.

Nate Bolotin of XYZ Films, the company behind Raid, agrees that debuting a film at a successful Midnight Madness screening, with its unique mix of industry players and film-friendly locals, is something that other genre festivals can’t provide.

“As a producer and a sales agent, making movies at a time where genres films continue to work, having a Midnight Madness presence is crucial," he says.

In fact, his company scheduled Raid’s shooting and post-production schedules, so it would be ready on time to be eligible to play the Toronto sidebar.

“We’re already strategizing what we can have next year,” he adds."

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