Pics from Monday's Screening of THE INCIDENT!

Two people passed out and many more were shocked into submission at the premiere of Alexandre Cortes' debut feature, The Incident. The hardest-working shutterbug in the business, Ian Goring, was there to document the whole evening, in all its crazed, finger-amputating glory!

Funny story: The idea for The Incident - escaped mental patients - was inspired by this very photo!
If you'd like to see a higher-res version of this picture, check the Wikipedia entry for "BADASS"
Robert Mitchell interviews Alexandre Courtes as the paparazzi documents every minute. Every *sexy* minute.
Funny, no one ever passes out while watching a White Stripes music video...
Courtes hitches a ride in the ambulance to get back to his hotel at the end of the night.
The Incident screens:

Friday September 16 Scotiabank Theatre 3 3:15pm
Sunday September 18 Scotiabank Theatre 2 9:45pm

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