Who's Who With The Cast of THE DAY!

Thursday night's screening of The Day is actually the most star-studded of the Midnight Madness lineup this year. Here's a little rundown of the cast in this post-apocalyptic journey through a bleak, ruined landscape.  

Dominic Monaghan - If you were a geek at any point  in the last ten years, Monaghan's name will undoubtedly be a familiar one.  Starring in two of the biggest geek properties of the last decade - JJ Abrams' LOST and Peter Jacksons' Lord of the Rings films - Monaghan has made a name for himself as one of the go-to actors when something sinister and dark is afoot.  In The Day, Monaghan straps on his genre hat (yes this is a real hat) once again as the leader of a small band of survivors traversing a world without hope.

Ashley Bell - The highlight of last year's Eli Roth-produced possession tale, The Last Exorcism, Bell made a splash as the young farmer's daughter caught in the grips of a demonic spirit.  Her unbelievable transformation from wallflower to venom-spitting hellion invited comparisons to Linda Blair and even her sickly-arched posture on the film's poster was enough to give most people chills.

Shannyn Sossamon - Sossamon's not widely known for her genre efforts but she does have a couple of horrors under her belt in the form of 2007's Catacombs and 2008's One Missed Call.  Her skills at playing bleak characters in other fare such as The Rules of Attraction and Wristcutters: A Love Story are put to great work here in the tense, desolate landscape of The Day.

Shawn Ashmore - Richmond BC's Ashmore is no stranger to science fiction roles with several high-profile turns as Iceman/Bobby Drake in the first three X-Men movies and roles in the television series Fringe.  His horror resume is quite extensive as well, with roles in Frozen, The Ruins, Hatchet 2, and Mother's Day.

This dark, futuristic journey takes the Ryerson by storm on Thursday night and it looks to be one of the most chilling films in this year's lineup.  We expect at least a few members of this star-studded cast to be walking the blood-soaked red carpet that night, so don't miss it!

The Day screens:

  1. Thursday September 15 Ryerson 11:59pm
  2. Friday September 16 Scotiabank Theatre 2 3:00pm
  3. Saturday September 17 Scotiabank Theatre 11 9:45pm

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