Midnight Madness at Trailers from Hell: Eli Roth

Midnight Madness alumni Eli Roth might well be the most prolific commentator on the Trailers from Hell website. He's commented on 15 film trailers. 

And because Roth's Cabin Fever and Hostel in 2004 both played Midnight Madness (2002 and 2004, respectively), it'd be easy to think that he only covers horror. But, instead, Roth covers a helluva a lot of genre ground.

From the Ramones and Rock'n'Roll High School

to the science fiction classic, Forbidden Planet

and a defense of Exorcist II

To Star Crash, the Italian "version" of Star Wars, starring Christopher Plummer.

Rolling Thunder

The giallo film, The House with the Laughing Windows

And I Dismember Mama.

Roth also discusses trailers for Creepshow; Africa: Blood and Guts; Three on a Meathook; Squirm, The Birds; Superfuzz; and The Mole People. You can catch them all right here on Trailers from Hell.

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