Midnight Madness Ticket Giveaway on Facebook!

Sure movies and film festival excitement can drive you to extremes. I hear John Dillinger robbed banks throughout the Midwest just to fund his movie habit. He was shot dead walking out of Chicago's Biograph Theater, after all.  But you don't need to pick up a gun and go on a cross-continental rampage to get "free" tickets to Midnight Madness.

John Dillinger, cinephile.

Just follow Midnight Madness on Facebook for a chance to score tickets to films in the program this year. So far we've given away tickets to The Raid and currently have a contest on for tickets to God Bless America!

Just click through to Midnight Madness at the Toronto International Film Festival and hit "like!"

Nobody gets hurt.

Just put the ax down, Ma'am.

THE RAID screening times:
Thurs., Sept. 8th, 11:59PM, RYERSON
Sat., Sept. 10th, 12:15PM, AMC 2

GOD BLESS AMERICA screening times:
Fri., Sept. 9th, 11:59PM, RYERSON
Sun., Sept. 1tth, 1:30PM, AMC 6
Fri., Sept. 16th, 6:30PM, AMC 7

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