BlogTO Submits Five Picks for MIDNIGHT MADNESS 2011!

Excited for Midnight Madness yet? If, for some reason, you haven't made your picks for this year's lineup yet, BlogTO has posted their five top picks to see in our little late-night fiesta of fists and phantoms!

First up is Midnight Madness opening film The Raid, which screens tomorrow night:
"I ALSO declare a thumb war!"
Sometimes the best ingredients for a film at Midnight Madness is fast-paced frenetic action film with a little bit of martial arts and perhaps some disposable criminals to punish. The opening night film Midnight Madness film, The Raid provides all of the above.
Next is, uh...You're Next. No, not you - the film! It screens this Saturday the 10th:

Brenda would stop at nothing to win Dinner Party Wars.

This year director and writer Adam Wingard returns with You're Next a locked-house horror film about a family reunion gone completely awry. Remember that feeling, which only arises at family functions, of wanting to commit matricide or patricide to get your parents to stop talking? How would you react if somebody else tried to beat you to the punch? You're Next attempts to find that out, as a dinner with the family turns deadly when a group of armed invaders attack and send the familial unit on the defense as they try to band together against their assailants.

Third up is the film I'm most looking forward to, that gruesome French fairy tale, Livid which screens this Sunday the 11th:

"Well dammit, now you owe me a new bedsheet, ya jackwagon! You are SO never sleeping over again."
The directors who presented the unapologetically gory and disturbing film Inside to horrified audiences at Midnight Madness in 2007 return this year with Livid, a dark, dream-like horror film about going where you don't truly belong...Rumoured to be the goriest film at Midnight Madness this year, Livid promises to be a terrifying fairy tale of horror that you won't soon forget.

Fourth is the dark post-apocalyptic road movie with a stellar cast and a distinctly bleak outlook, The Day, screening next Thursday the 15th:

"This commute is really starting to get to us."
The story sounds similar to other zombie-related apocalypse films, but The Day seems like it might have a more ambiguous edge to it that will propel the story further than your average survival flick. With an interesting ensemble cast with lesser known but respectable names such as Dominic Monaghan (LOTR), Shannyn Sossamon (The Rules of Attraction) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men Franchise), there seems to be something a bit different here, while absolutely bleak at the same time.

Finally, the funniest Japanese flick you'll see at TIFF this year, Smuggler, providing you a necessary break from the high tension (see what I did there?) of the rest of the lineup next Friday the 16th:

"Dye job? WHAT DYE JOB??"
While there aren't too many laughs to be found on the programme this year, Smuggler makes up for that in spades as a ridiculous black comedy about Kinuta, a man indebted to the Yakuza and burdened with the unfortunate task of disposing of their dead. When a major Yakuza boss is murdered, Kinuta and his associates are imperiled when his minions plot revenge on anybody they believe may have had a part in his death. And let me assure you, stuff is only about to get stranger.
Don't forget that if you're still undecided, no one would fault you for foregoing sleep all week like your intrepid blog team will be doing, and coming out to all the screenings! Whoever said that sleep was integral to a healthy lifestyle (other than most health professionals)?!

The Raid screens:
Thurs., Sept. 8th, 11:59PM, RYERSON
Sat., Sept. 10th, 12:15PM, AMC 2

You're Next screens:
Saturday September 10 11:59pm RYERSON
Monday September 12 6:30pm AMC 7
Friday September 16 4:00pm TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 2

LIVID screens:
Sun., Sept. 11th, 11:59PM, RYERSON
Tues., Sept. 13th, 5:00PM, AMC 7

The Day screens:
Thur., Sept. 15th 11:59pm Ryerson
Fri., Sept. 16th 3:00pm Scotiabank Theatre 2
Sat., Sept. 17th 9:45pm Scotiabank Theatre 11

Smuggler screens:
Friday September 16 11:59 PM RYERSON
Saturday September 17 6:45 PM SCOTIABANK THEATER 4
Sunday September 18 12:00 PM SCOTIABANK THEATER 4

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