Katsuhito Ishii and Midnight Madness--Together At Last!!

I love the films of Katsuhito Ishii. If you love it when films at Midnight Madness bring the wild and the strange, then chances are you do too. Maybe you haven't seen one before though, why not let Smuggler be your first?

I could go on and on and on about Ishii's films but it would probably deteriorate into a ramble that the uninitiated would give up on pretty quickly. So instead I'll just post some choice images from his previous films to give you an idea of what kind of sweet, sweet weirdness you could be in store for if you come out for the World Premiere of his latest film, Smuggler.

And here's Smuggler's trailer:

Smuggler screens:

Friday September 16 11:59 PM RYERSON
Saturday September 17 6:45 PM SCOTIABANK THEATER 4
Sunday September 18 12:00 PM SCOTIABANK THEATER 4

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