LIVID: There's No Crazy Like Ballerina Crazy

So the scariest thing about the above image from Livid for me? The ballet slippers. I look at her pointe shoes and I know Livid is going to be something fierce because the ladies out there know there's no crazy like ballerina crazy.  Ballerinas will do whatever it takes to be beautiful, ethereal, unearthly creatures
No more ugly duckling!

Even if it means growing wings, bleeding out your eyes and slowly picking your toenails apart.

Or putting glass in someone's pointe shoes--or going ahead and performing with glass in your pointe shoes, if the Wishing Stairs is anything to go by.

"I am a beautiful swan!"

Nothing scary about this intensity at all.

Besides, if Suspiria is anything to go by, and I'm pretty sure it is actually a docudrama fictionalized to protect the innocent, most ballet schools are secretly covens dedicated to drugging ballerinas and sacrificing them to diabolical powers. (Unlike the covens in your communities, which are dedicated to potlucks and Winter Solstice parades with lanterns and papier maché puppets).

LIVID screening times:
Sun., Sept. 11th, 11:59PM, RYERSON
Tues., Sept. 13th, 5:00PM, AMC 7

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