YOU'RE NEXT: A Gallery of Masked Villainy!

You're Next premieres tonight at Midnight Madness and looks to be an amazing entry into the annals of masked villainy, creatively-masked villainy that is. One that sets a villain apart from a mere criminal is that sense of pananche.

Sterling Hayden had it with his creepy clown mask in Stanley Kubrick's ice cold 1956 heist movie, The Killing.

And say, that mask does look familiar...

Who me reference Kubrick?

The Town's heavies brought in a heavily armed elderly nun look.

Ave Maria, Motherfuckers.

Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 Point Break set a new standard in rubber masks, with bank robbers who even took the time to choose appropriate suits for each president.

Ex-Presidents often really come into their own after their term is over.

Andy Lau's Tok was clearly a fan in Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai's Fulltime Killer (2001)

And speaking of presidents, these aren't masks in Albert Hughes' Dead Presidents (1995), but the face paint is eerily striking.

The gentlemen executing the heist in Joseph Sargent's The Taking of Pelham One Two Three rely on the fake moustache, what old timey detective fiction called, "false whiskers."  And dressing as men no one would ever notice is surprisingly effective in confusing investigators and victims alike. And they might even be stylish for 1974.

See how You're Next's masks stack up tonight!

YOU’RE NEXT screening times:
Sat., Sept. 10th, 11:59PM, RYERSON
Mon., Sept. 12th, 6:30PM, AMC 7
Fri., Sept. 16th, 4:00PM, TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 2

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